Couriers & Shipping

Kings Russell Shipping for Buyers

  • Kings Russell is able to provide shipping on many of our items sold at auction. Our minimum charge is £30, with no insurance. Please ask for shipping when you receive your Buyer's Invoice. We ship internationally. If we evaluate that another shipping company is better specialised for your needs, we will refer you to their entry on this page.
  • As a service to our UK Buyers, if we are able to provide shipping, we will add a shipping charge to the Buyer Invoice. If you wish to arrange your own collection then let us know and we will happily remove the extra shipping charge.
  • It is possible to stop your vehicle on Knightsbridge road at corner of Rutland Gardens, not blocking any gateway, and to call Kings Russell staff to come down and handover items to you. We can only offer this service by pre arranged appointment. Please be considerate to our neighbours.
  • Kings Russell works with experienced Fine Art couriers for collection of items for consignment to auction. Please contact us for details and quotation.

Packing and Shipping companies

Other packing and shipping companies are available. The following is a non-exhaustive list of companies used by our clients.

  • MBE Knightsbridge - for smaller and more delicate items to UK and international. 
  • MBE Romford - specialist shippers to China.  Wechat: xiganghu 
  • Pack & Send - specialists in packing and shipping fragile, awkward, expensive and large item.
  • Alban Shipping - High value UK and International Fine Art Shippers.

For Vendors

  • Kings Russell is able to accept items for consignment by appointment at Kent House. Rutland Gardens is a private road with its own security access. Kings Russell may be able to book in a 30 minute parking slot if given a couple days notice. We request that your vehicle registration details are sent to us by email as part of this booking request. Kings Russell are appreciative of the help of Rutland Gardens Security & Parking Team and cannot assure that access to Rutland Gardens will always be available.

For Deceased Estates

  • Deceased Estates: Kings Russell is able to arrange property clearance and commercial dumping for items not suitable for auctioneering. We are able to consider taking payment for clearance out of Auction proceeds of the sale of Fine Art items.


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